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Positive design praise and feedback after my first foray into Overwatch, with constructive criticism! (Basically - Game and sound design is awesome, Mercy is awesome, Symmetra needs help, some constructive feedback on some outliers). Warning: Long post!

Warning: This is a long post, I enjoyed the game so much I felt compelled to post a bunch of feedback regarding my first time playing Overwatch this weekend. This involves talks about game design and thus is not that exciting if you're looking for fancy shizzles.
I have to say this seems like a great new hit for Blizzard and I am excited to see what's in store for it.
Game and Sound Design
The game design is actually amazing. Real high quality stuff. The basics of animations and shooting just feels good. Weapons feel and sound appropriate without feeling clunky.
The characters from an artistic and gameplay point of view are astonishing. Really, great job on these characters. From a gameplay POV, each one is easily identifiable with unique outlines/silhouette and colours that I'm actually able to keep up with who's who in combat.
Artistic POV is just as amazing, they all are just so varied and awesome. And the voices that go with these varied characters? Brilliant. Overwatch is literal diversity which I greatly appreciate because it just adds so much more...life to a game that I've never seen before (Canadian bias notwithstanding). The diversity of the characters (in terms of cultural background) makes the game feel more relatable and more importantly, allows them to use much more varied voice acting. And I freaking love the fact that they weren't afraid of using the character's native languages for various quips! This all freshens up the game while also making it useful for gameplay as I can use sound to realize what is going on with these characters.
Speaking of sound, the sound design is magnificent. Not just every voice is easily identifiable, but also unique footsteps and weapon sounds all come together to make it a lot easier to keep track of what is going on in the game. I have nothing but positive praise on the sound design and could go on with examples like the little 'arcadey' sounds added to various D.Va interactions, Mercy's flight, etc.
Have I mentioned that the overall art design also means this game looks amazing even on 'low' settings? I did not notice much differences between the pre-set low vs high, which is super awesome!
Constructive feedback on some game design stuff (and technical stuff)
The UI is overall great, but it's still not great at informing players of a lot of stuff. There needs to be an easily accessible place for players to see detailed information on weapons and abilities - as in, they need to be able to see the numbers behind these things. Not everyone wants to see these, but for those who do, you gotta be able to show tooltips with numbers! Pretend it's a MOBA if you have to (and we all know how important numbers are in those!)
It's also still a bit too difficult to tell how low on health you are and where you're being shot from. Granted, the sound design covers this super well (I love the the character gasp when you get low on health as it helps convey you might die soon), but the UI doesn't. Some tuning to edge-of-screen strawberry jelly spread bleeding effects, as well as directional inputs to where you're being shot from should do the trick. Super important considering you get shot from all angles in this game.
I assume the other 'necessities' like replays, match details, fleshed out loot system, and more are also in the final game (Not expecting those kinds of stuff in beta).
In terms of connectivity and stuff like that - well, it was a stress weekend so I fully expected a lot of weird lag moments. Which did happen a lot of course.
One big thing however is I hope the final game is optimized well. I kept running into crashes when playing on medium or higher settings, where the game suddenly crashes with a message about a driver or something not working. Turns out this may be due to overheating, which shouldn't happen since my system req is not that low. Meaning the game might have pulled an Xcom 2 where it is pushing the CPU to work way harder than it should be (Other reports seem to confirm this). It stopped crashing when I switched to 'low' pre-set graphical settings, but I could still tell the game was using more resources than it should be.
Also, no one can hear me on voice chat but I can hear others. Only affects Overwatch, voice chat works fine with other programs and games.
But I have got to give Blizzard a high five for their support designs. Support tends to be real tricky to nail down in a lot of games - making them feel impactful and powerful without being overpowered, but at the same time also not really someone that does a lot of damage, can be weird and difficult to do. Player reward and 'high' moments are easy for other classes, but supports, not so much.
I enjoyed the supports in this game. Lucio, fun. Zenyatta, actually didn't try because Mercy was too awesome. Mercy, holy fudge wait until I get to her, she gets her own section in this rambling mess.
The problem with Symmetra - No interaction and passivity means boring to play as!
Symmetra is the only one who unfortunately seems to have the shorter end of the stick. Her gameplay is much more subtle and indirect compared to everyone else, and unfortunately I think this will lead to her being played much less than everyone else. Her shield, while a great concept when combined with healing, boils down to "spam E on everyone and forget". She also has no 'high' moments, as she revolves around subtle play (Build a teleporter as an ultimate - you gotta admit that's not exactly a 'high' moment). Basically, imagine a MOBA character who provides a lot passive bonuses but that's about it. Super useful? Can be. Fun to play as? Not so much.
I have no idea how Symmetra can be fixed outside of moving her Teleporter to a delayed normal ability (like a 'secondary' ultimate) and giving her a cool ultimate like everyone else has. In addition, she basically needs something that encourages interaction, because as of now playing her just means 'find a spot, spam turrets, press E on people who respawn'. You don't even need to follow up on the shields because they're permanent HP buffs that are regained upon healing (again, awesome synergy with healers, but no interaction from Symmetra means boring to play as).
Her gameplay currently also makes makes her an awkward support who doesn't actually need to actively follow players around helping them (because the shield is permanent and you can't heal/buff). So then you just become a turret spammer which isn't that exciting, despite being helpful in some situations.
Her primary weapon is incredibly awkward as heck and I imagine it just turns off everyone. Primary fire is a short ranged beam that locks on and deals more damage Void Ray style if you keep it held down on a single target. Cool concept, but ineffective in reality as it is not user friendly and feels weak as no one would let you live that long in close quarters to charge up your laser beam of doom. Also, you're screwed if they're not in short range. Secondary fire is a chargeable super slow motion energy ball that is useless against everything except AFKs, shielding tanks, and turrets. To top if off, it feels incredibly out of place in such a fast paced game. These fire types are just way too extreme to be useful in many cases and thus her whole weapon needs tuning or a rework. I feel very useless with this gun and thus we go back to the whole 'turret spamming because that's literally all I can do' thing. The other supports don't feel useless with their weapons, even if damage is not their primary concern.
So basically, Symmetra doesn't have any real 'high' moments so she doesn't feel very rewarding or satisfying. Her primary weapon is very off-putting and to add salt to wounds, are almost always ineffective. Her shield ability is a useful, neat concept but does not require interaction. Her whole gameplay revolves around not really interacting with anyone (which contradicts playing as a support) which when combined with her terrible weapon and lack of satisfying rewards, makes her not fun to play as.
Mercy, one of the greatest designs in a game ever!
On the topic of fun....Oh boy! So now we get to my praise about Mercy, my favourite character to play as.
Traditional medics tend to be binary and kind of boring. You shoot your healing beam and hope you or allies don't die.
Blizzard really knocked it out of the park on making this archetype actually so damn fun.
Okay, let's get over the obvious. Character design, way too awesome. If I were to imagine "Swiss Angel", Mercy could not get any closer to that. Art style and voice is just perfect. Her outline/silhouette is very unique and noticeable.
The UI design is great, could use some improvements. Awesome you can see how many dead teammates there are so it's easier to know when to ult, but still difficult to tell the range of Resurrect. Staff target prioritizing your flight (Shift jump) can be confusing / cause accidents, as there's been multiple times I want to fly over to someone else but accidentally end up flying the opposite direction due to my staff target (this could just be a mastering thing, i.e letting go of healing before flying).
Oh and don't get me started on the UI for identifying statuses of teammates. So simple, elegant, and just perfect! Different colours representing their health, a "CRITICAL!" sign for those really low on health, indicator to know who you can fly to - it's all done quite well.
Onto gameplay. Let's start with her staff. Could have easily left it as a boring healing stick. But instead, there is an option to switch to a damage boost at the cost of not healing while it's active. Great design - there's a noticeable trade-off right off that bat, and allows players to train in mastering switching between the two at appropriate times. More importantly, there is no overhealing concept with Mercy, so you're not stuck literally just holding down mouse 1 only (as in TF2 - you feel compelled to overheal your team so you never do anything else except use the healing beam). Just as important - YAY, you can do something other than just healing! A simple damage buff does wonders for this game to be honest. Design checklist of things like trade-offs, mastering challenge, and doing utility - good job!
In addition, using the staff in this game actually feels right. As in, it's easy to continuously target teammates in need regardless of what is going on in your screen. This is an amazing design feat of itself - no seriously! I don't know if there's programmed priorities in there but I have not really had problems healing my intended targets in messy fights with many teammates overlapping each other. This is amazing as it means your players are not impeded by gameplay problems, and instead can focus on improving themselves.
Could probably ramble more on the gameplay design of the staff but let's move on. Her mobility ability is a major factor in making her fun to play as. It's reliant on other players so you're not a Pharah clone with superior flying capabilities. But, because it's reliant on other players, it indirectly calls for a balanced team composition, further enhancing the gameplay (such good design! Whether intended or not!). This means Mercy works best with a Pharah for vertical mobility, along with back, middle, and front liners to give her more options. The fact that you can hold Space to slowly descend while in the air, combos very well with this flight mobility, making her very satisfying to move around with. It also fits thematically!
This is a huge contributor to not making you feel useless. You can actively look for and reach players in need, giving you plenty of interaction and utility moments. It's never a dull moment with Mercy thanks to this mobility (and of course, everything else that was well designed for her).
Her pistol is generic, but necessary. Doesn't need fancy stuff. The good news is that you don't feel useless with this, and that's just perfect. Not everything needs more complications. One real subtle but awesome thing about her pistol (and probably other weapons) is that it auto-reloads when switched out of for a couple of seconds. This is pretty great as it takes away awkward moments where one would pull out the pistol only to not really be able to shoot due to low ammo. Normally it is frustrating where all those pot shots and quick switches end up biting you in the butt at a key moment, when it really should not. So thank you for this feature!
Her ultimate is simple, somewhat generic, but actually satisfying. It gives Mercy players that lacking 'high' moment a lot of support players tend to feel. It's rewarding, has mastering challenges (when should I use it, do I save it, worth the risk to get closer to resurrect, etc.), and just feels good when you use it (gotta love the sound design!). Obviously the usefulness of a team revive is not to be underestimated, so it makes you feel valuable and the impact is noticeable. The fact that it can also appear in Play of the Games is also another nice high moment for supports.
Lastly, health regeneration out of combat is an appreciated, although probably necessary design too. Playing as her would really suck if she couldn't heal herself somehow, and it'd just feel wrong to players too.
Honestly, Mercy is just a superbly designed character and in my opinion should serve as an example and inspiration for similarly designed games. Interaction is off the roof and gameplay design just works so well for her that playing as 'medics' in other games feels so sub-par.
Well if you actually read all this, I appreciate it. I first saw Overwatch as a potential candidate, but not something like an insta-buy. Waited patiently for access to a beta or some chance to play it, and now that I finally did, I came away very impressed. I hope this new IP takes off and does well, especially with the great work going into the lore of the game (plus I just love the animated films, just a fan of that cartoony Disney-esque thing going on!).
The design of the overall game is just brilliant, with just some small improvements to be added (but mostly, please fix technical problems with the whole CPU overload thing). Symmetra is a sore point I believe that could use looking at, and Mercy is just way too dang awesome I hope everyone realizes how amazing her design is. Thanks for the game, and hope to play the final product in the future!
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